At “the Herb Garden”, we offer a large selection of culinary herbs, a variety of landscaping herbs and some young and fun tropicals. If you are new to growing herbs, we have all the time you need to talk about the “how to’s” and anything else you want to learn.

As in previous years, we are presenting three complimentary workshops relating to planning and planting, maintaining and harvesting herbs. These are very informal sessions designed to answer your questions. Dates for these sessions can be found under “Upcoming Events.”


Herbs Available This Season

By the first weekend in June, we will be at full complement of the variety herbs we will have available for purchase. This timing coincides with the earliest and safest time to plant without much risk of frost. As per the last number of years, we are carrying culinary herbs and groundcover herbs plus a few varieties of tropical.

Columnar Basil Garlic Chives
Thai Basil Hidcote Lavender
Bay Laurel Munstead Lavender
Calendula Chocolate Mint
Vietnamese Coriander Mohito Mint
Lemongrass Peppermint
Lemon Verbena Greek Oregano
Marjoram Garden Sage
Vietnamese Coriander Mohito Mint
Nasturtiums French Tarragon
Night Jessamine Creeping Thyme [groundcover]
Curly Parsley English Thyme
Italian Parsley Highland Cream Lemon Thyme [groundcover]
Patchouli Lemon Carpet Thyme [groundcover]
Creeping Rosemary Lime Thyme
Rosemary {Officianalis] Silver Thyme
Summer Savory

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